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Sawdust has been coming under a lot of scrutiny as a possible health hazard and even casual woodworkers who are in  frequent contact with sawdust -- breathing and/or touching it -- should consider some important facts.

There’s no doubt that the air in a home shop environment can become highly concentrated with sawdust. Under these circumstances, Dust Masks  and an effective Dust Collection System  can go a long way toward keeping your shop clean and pleasant -- and help make it a healthier, safer place to work, as well.

Make it a practice NEVER to do a lot of sawing, sanding or dust-producing work in your shop without a dust mask, a top quality dust collection system and adequate shop ventilation (open a couple of windows and use fans to exhaust any dusty air that escapes your dust collector).
Like most hobbies, woodworking is not 100% devoid of all potential problems. All of us are affected in some way by wood dust…some more than others. Be aware of any potential allergies or problems you may be having and take the necessary steps to correct them.

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