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Layout - Be sure the space you have will accomodate the tools you need!

On his website, Bob Vila’s ideal, Stage IV Workshop containing a full array of stationary tools will need up to 24’ x 32’ (768 sq. ft.)of space for storage and working.  His shops are all equipped with individual tools, each with its own stand and motor…and each having a permanent spot on the shop floor. Please read this Introduction to ...
Big Individual Woodworking Shops vs. Compact Woodworking Shops

The collective storage Footprint required to house just 14 of the common Individual Tools in Bob Vila's Stage IV Workshop will promptly boot one of your family cars right out of the garage! PLUS, you'll have loads of time-consuming tool shuffling to do before you can start enjoying your shop time. Click here to read more ... Individual Tool Woodworking Shops

A Compact Tool workshop (including the five most needed woodworking tools) stows neatly away on the floor and on a wall-mounted shelf…occupying just 2' x 12' of floor space along the front of the garage. Plenty of room to work without excess tool shuffling -- and ample space for both family cars. Read all about it here ...
Compact Tool Woodworking Shops

There's virtually no limit to the basic and specialized woodworking operations you'll be able to perform in even the tightest of spaces … when you opt for the Compact Tool shop.

Remember, Bob Vila's website says you'll need 24' x 32' of space to store and work in a shop equipped with all the capabilities a Compact Tool shop packs into just 12 sq. ft. of storage space that leaves you plenty of room for your shop and your cars.

You'll also find 100's of accessories you can add as you need them and store them within that same 12 square feet of floor space…plus a couple of out-of-the-way wall-mounted shelves and a pegboard panel.

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