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Location - Places to put a Home Woodworking Shop

Every homeowner needs a work shop of one kind or another.  Aside from the pure enjoyment and relaxation woodworking affords, a home shop can pay for itself with just a few completed projects.

Building gifts for family, friends or to sell brings greater gratification than most other hobbies ... plus you'll get the added value of having a way to protect and enhance the value of your home.

So, where do you put this shop. Just about every house has a few good places to put a shop.  There are countless ways to create space where there seems to be none.

Lets explore a few.

Basements & Garages - More shops are in basements than anyplace else. There are advantages as well as drawbacks. On the positive side is warmth for winter and cool for summer. On the other hand basements can be damp and this creates rust problems.  Check our Link to the left that deals with rust. Weigh the pros and cons.

Getting a shop in a single car garage is a piece of cake. Remember, all we need is about the same space it takes to store a bicycle. If you have a two car garage, you'll be in heaven!  Most garages waste a lot of space with haphazard storage and converting it into a home workshop with organized storage is really very simple.

Out Buildings - There are dozens of plans for small outbuildings. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Try to select a design that fits with the style of your home and will fit nicely into the neighborhood. Some have porches, some have overhead doors. Some have attic space to store wood. 

Garden Sheds - We've seen small garden sheds serve as shops in mild climates. Tools can be stored in these sheds and wheeled out onto a sun-shaded platform or apron for use.

While these are the most popular places for a home shop,  we've seen them in attics, laundry rooms, spare bedrooms, carports ... even closets!  The main thing to remember is this: you do, indeed, have room for a home woodworking shop.

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